Should a standard display and touch solution not meet your environmental needs and design concept, UDISYS and their partners can provide options of using enhanced materials and adding various finishes to improve performance. This could be 24/7 anti-bacterial protection through to custom shaped and coloured glass to match your housing.

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Optical and Performance Enhancement

Viewing Angle Improvement

  • The application of O-FILM to the surface of the display provides all-round viewing angles and provides a solution to greyscale inversion.

Brightness Improvement

  • The application of brightness Enhancement Film (BEF) between the surface of the display and the backlight provides up 111% improvement in the brightness.

Optical Bonding

  • Optically Bonding the touch panel or protective glass the surface of the display improves the optical performance and provides additional durability.

Antibacterial Protection

  • 24/7 germ-free surface protection

Chemically Strengthened Glass / Thermally Tempered Glass

  • To provide added strength and safety

Cover Lens Customisation

Shape , Colour, Icons and Logos

  • To provide the appearance you need for your design

Masked areas for cameras and sensors

  • Thickness up to 15mm
  • To meet impact and mechanical requirements

Chemically Strengthened Glass / Thermally Tempered Glass

  • To provide added strength and safety

Surface Treatments

  • Anti-reflection (AR) – reducing the reflection on the surface of the display by applying a coating of a specific
    thickness to the surface of a cover lens.
  • Anti-glare (AG) – removing a bright glare from the display surface by creating a rough surface on the
    cover lens.
  • Anti-finger (AF) – preventing fingerprints and smudges on the display surface by applying a type
    of treatment that reduces the ability of the cover lens retaining oils.

Backlight and FCP Customisation

UDISYS can provide solutions to meet the requirements of your design by customising the shape and size of the FPC and adapting the backlight unit to enhance the brightness of the display.