Our range of Smart Displays provide added processing and interface functionality to enable easier integration and speed of development.

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Riverdi Intelligent EVE displays

Riverdi Intelligent EVE displays

  • A range of TFTs based on Embedded Video Engine (EVE),
  • Serial SPI interface
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Lascar – 4.3” & 7” Smart Displays

Lascar – 4.3” & 7” Smart Displays

  • 4.3” & 7” displays with analog, digital, PWM and serial interfaces
  • PanelPilotAce Design Studio
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Lummico – Smart E-Paper Solutions

Lummico – Smart E-Paper Solutions

  • E-Paper SmartTag Series (NFC-based Solutions)
  • Customised Solutions
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Intelligent EVE Displays

Riverdi manufactures a range of 2.8”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5” and 7” TFT displays based on Bridgetek’s innovative Embedded Video Engine (EVE), providing simultaneous display, touch and audio functionality. The industry-standard serial SPI interface allows the use of low-cost MCUs as the system controller. This, along with EVEs object-oriented methodology, makes the creation and rendering of graphics very easy and intuitive, while at the same time greatly reducing the cost of the overall system implementation.

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IoT Display

The first IoT displays on the market that solve the problem of wireless communication. Thanks to the ESP32 microcontroller onboard it’s easy to send and receive data over WiFi and Bluetooth. The displays are also Python-programmable, as they have a pre-loaded Zerynth license onboard. They offer tremendous graphical possibilities through Bridgetek’s BT81x graphics controllers. Finally, they are easily expandable, with two MikroBUS connectors, and two Grove connectors.

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Lascar Electronics has been providing digital display, data logging and custom instrumentation solutions to customers across the world for more than 40 years.

Their PanelPilotAce range of products provide off the shelf hardware and intuitive design software for rapid development of your next display project.

4.3” & 7” displays with analog, digital, PWM and serial interfaces

The SGD 43-A and SGD 70-A are the first in a range of PanelPilotACE compatible displays and panel meters designed specifically to run projects created in the PanelPilotACE Design Studio. The displays feature capacitive touchscreen and a wealth of hardware interfaces including four 16 bit bi-polar analog inputs, eight digital input/output pins, two alarm outputs, four PWM outputs and RS232 serial port.

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PanelPilotACE Design Studio

Code-free development of advanced display applications

From background images to text elements, analog style meters, touchscreen navigation elements and even complex logic statements, PanelPilotACE Design software allows users to build multi-screen interfaces without needing to write a line of code.

Development Kits

The development kits, SGD 43-A-DK+ and SGD 70-A DK+ are the best choice if you are starting to develop on the PanelPilotACE platform. It includes all you need to begin: a PanelPilotACE display module, a development board, and a USB cable. The board itself provides switches, dials, LEDs and screw terminal connections for all the input and output functionality of your PanelPilotACE.

Lummico is a European developer and manufacturer of high-quality standard and customised E-paper based solutions. They focus on developing innovative products that are cost-effective and easy to integrate.

1.54” to 7.5” E-Paper SmartTag Series (NFC-based Solutions)

The SmartTag Series uses the NFC interface for updating a display content. The battery-powered Active version has a dedicated mobile app, while the battery-less Passive version runs on a dedicated desktop app and API.  In the case of a Passive version, the dynamic content generation is possible using the XML-based script and through a mobile device application.

OEM Version

The basic version, without an enclosure. Perfect for customised solutions or building into existing devices. Total module thickness is 1.85mm only!

Card Version

A ready to use solution, wrapped between two plastic layers and with an overall thickness of 4.4mm. Simple and elegant design, mostly used for employees’ electronic cards.

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1.4” to 42” Custom Solutions

Many of the projects Lummico support are fully or partially customized.  Their in-house team of engineers have the ability to change and customize all aspects of the design including:

Electronic Interface

  • Wireless – NFC, Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi and ZigBee
  • Wired – USB, SPI, I2C, RS485 and more…


  • Housing modification
  • Cover glass with chosen colour and logo


  • Embedded C
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Open APIs & Desktop Apps
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