Intelligent HMI Displays

Riverdi manufacture a range of 2.8”, 3.5”, 4.3”, 5” and 7” TFT displays based on FTDIs innovative Embedded Video Engine (EVE), providing simultaneous display, touch and audio functionality.  The industry standard serial SPI interface allows the use of low cost MCUs as the system controller.  This, along with EVEs object oriented methodology, makes the creation and rendering of graphics very easy and intuitive, while at the same time greatly reducing the cost of the overall system implementation.

Riverdi EVE based Display Module Features

  • Built-in Backlight LED inverter & Touch Controller
  • Serial SPI/QSPI interface
  • Standardised 20-pin connector for all sizes
  • No Touch, Resistive Touch, Capacitive Touch and uxTouch variants
  • Optional metal frame with four mounting holes
  • Built-in graphics widgets

Select Your EVE Display

Screen size
Use "Ctr" or "Cmd" keys to select multiple sizes
Touch screen
Mounting Frame
Screen Size (Inches)Interface / ControllerResolutionBrightness (cd)TouchscreenOutline Dimensions (WxHxD in mm)Mounting FrameOperating Temperature (°C)LED InverterPart Number/Datasheet
2.83″FT800240 x 320300None50.20 x 69.30 x 2.90No-20 to 70YesRVT28AEFNWN00
2.83″FT800240 x 320240Resistive50.29 x 69.30 x 4.00No-20 to 70YesRVT28AEFNWR00
2.83″FT801240 x 320255Capacitive50.29 x 69.30 x 4.60No-20 to 70YesRVT28AEFNWC00
2.83″FT801240 x 320255uxTouch67.60 x 82.00 x 7.92No-20 to 70YesRVT28UEFNWC0x
3.5″FT800320 x 240540None76.90 x 63.90 x 6.58No-20 to 70YesRVT3.5B320240CNWN00
3.5″FT800320 x 240450Resistive76.90 x 63.90 x 7.68No-20 to 70YesRVT3.5B320240CNWR00
3.5″FT800320 x 240540None77.70 x 64.70 x 7.30Yes-20 to 70YesRVT3.5B320240CFWN00
3.5″FT800320 x 240450Resistive77.70 x 64.70 x 7.68Yes-20 to 70YesRVT3.5B320240CFWR00
3.5″FT801320 x 240480Capacitive76.90 x 63.90 x 7.95No-20 to 70YesRVT3.5B320240CNWC81
3.5″FT801320 x 240480Capacitive77.70 x 64.70 x 8.40Yes-20 to 70YesRVT3.5B320240CFWC81
4.3″FT800480 x 272550None105.50 x 67.20 x 6.95No-20 to 70YesRVT4.3B480272CNWN00
4.3″FT800480 x 272440Resistive105.50 x 67.20 x 7.90No-20 to 70YesRVT4.3B480272CNWR00
4.3″FT800480 x 272550None106.30 x 68.00 x 7.23Yes-20 to 70YesRVT4.3B480272CFWN00
4.3″FT800480 x 272440Resistive106.30 x 68.00 x 8.38Yes-20 to 70YesRVT4.3B480272CFWR00
4.3″FT801480 x 272500Capacitive105.50 x 67.20 x 8.20No-20 to 70YesRVT4.3B480272CNWC81
4.3″FT801480 x 272500Capacitive106.30 x 68.00 x 8.95Yes-20 to 70YesRVT4.3B480272CFWC81
4.3″FT801480 x 272500uxTouch120.38 x 79.20 x 8.43No-20 to 70YesRVT43ULFNWC0x
5″FT812800 x 480600None120.70 x 75.80 x 7.10No-20 to 70YesRVT50AQFNWN00
5″FT812800 x 480480Resistive120.70 x 75.80 x 8.50No-20 to 70YesRVT50AQFNWR00
5″FT812800 x 480600None121.50 x 76.60 x 7.60Yes-20 to 70YesRVT50AQFFWN00
5″FT812800 x 480480Resistive121.50 x 76.60 x 9.00Yes-20 to 70YesRVT50AQFFWR00
5″FT813800 x 480510Capacitive120.70 x 75.80 x 9.20No-20 to 70YesRVT50AQFNWC00
5″FT813800 x 480510Capacitive121.50 x 76.60 x 9.70Yes-20 to 70YesRVT50AQFFWC00
5″FT813800 x 480510uxTouch136.00 x 92.80 x 9.20No-20 to 70YesRVT50UQFNWC0x
7″FT812800 x 480400None164.80 x 99.80 x 9.15No-20 to 70YesRVT70AQFNWN00
7″FT812800 x 480320Resistive164.80 x 99.80 x 10.65No-20 to 70YesRVT70AQFNWR00
7″FT812800 x 480400None165.60 x 100.60 x 9.68Yes-20 to 70YesRVT70AQFFWN00
7″FT812800 x 480320Resistive165.60 x 100.60 x 11.18Yes-20 to 70YesRVT70AQFFWR00
7″FT813800 x 480350Capacitive164.80 x 99.80 x 10.81No-20 to 70YesRVT70AQFNWC00
7″FT813800 x 480350Capacitive165.60 x 100.60 x 11.34Yes-20 to 70YesRVT70AQFFWC00
7″FT813800 x 480350uxTouch179.96 x 119.00 x 10.81No-20 to 70YesRVT70UQFNWC0x

Main features of the EVE FT8xx controllers 

  • Maximum screen resolution up to 800 × 600 pixels
  • Fast data transfer and JPEG loading
  • I2C, SPI and QSPI (Quad SPI) communication
  • 24-bit RGB interface
  • Main memory up to 1MB
  • Extra-large ROM fonts
  • Input pin for audio, light or temperature sensor
  • Switching to portrait orientation with REG rotate CMD SETROTATE (FT81x only)
  • CMD PLAYVIDEO playing back motion-JPEG encoded AVI videos and a NOTEAR system enabling smooth playback at SVGA resolutions (FT81x only)
  • CMD LOADIMAGE loads PNG images in grayscale, RGB and also palette formats with transparency
  • Multiple palettes supported by 16-bit and 32-bit colours with transparency

       EVE System Architecture

Developing with EVE

Riverdi Development Tools

Riverdi make a range of tools to facilitate working with Riverdi TFT modules. The development tools accelerate and improve your work and help build your own application. Using Riverdi development tools you can quickly create your new projects.

FTDI / Bridgetek Dev Tools

Utilities – Useful programs that provide extended capabilities for application development and manufacturing support.

Software Examples – Examples on how to create static and animated displays, control touch features of the TFT panel and playback audio.

Application Notes  

Programming Guides  

EVE Datasheets