Having a diverse range of system-level products like Touch Monitors, Touch PCs, Industrial PCs and Tablets, Panel and Open Frame PCs, and Kiosks can cater to various customer needs across different industries.


The industrial sector often requires specialised hardware solutions tailored to specific needs such as durability, reliability, and compatibility with industrial environments. Industrial PCs, touch monitors, and tablets can play crucial roles in automation, control systems, monitoring, and data collection within industrial settings. With our range of products, UDISYS is well-equipped to serve the needs of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, logistics centres, and other industrial environments.


And through our direct manufacturer relationships and supply partnerships, UDISYS offers advantages like quality control, customisation options, and even cost savings.

touch monitors


Touch Monitors

  • Capacitive Touch Monitors
  • Resistive Touch Monitors
  • IP65 High Brightness Touch Monitors
  • Open & Closed Frame Touch Monitors
  • LED Framed Monitors
  • Rear Mount Touch Monitors
  • Portable Touch Monitors


Touch Computers

  • Capacitive Touch
  • Resistive Touch
  • High Brightness Touch Computers
  • Android / Windows 7 / Windows 10
industrial pcs and tablets


Industrial PCs & Tablets

Panel PCs


Panel PCs

  • Industrial
  • Rugged
  • High Performance
  • Medical
  • Open Frame PCs



  • 10.1” – 55” Kiosks
  • PC & Embedded PC options
  • Customisable
Riverdi Android Tablet series


Riverdi-Android Tablet Series


Tracking Products

  • AVL Tracker
  • Asset tracker
  • Personal tracker

World Leading Touch Solutions Provider

General Touch Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of touch screen, touch monitor and All-in-one computer. With advanced, cost-effective touch solutions, General Touch is favored and recognized by global customers.

  • Touchscreens and Touch Display Modules

  • Touch Monitors

  • Touch Computers

  • Customisation

Touch Screens

  • P-Cap (Projected Capacitive)
  • PIT(Projected Infrared Touch)
  • Infrared
  • Surface Acoustic Wave
  • Isurface (Zero-bezel SAW)

Touch Display Modules

  • Optical Bonded 10.1~27″ Touch Display Modules

Touch Monitors

  • LED Framed Touch Monitors
  • Open Framed Touch Monitors
  • Closed Framed Touch Monitors
  • Rear Mount Touch Monitors
  • High Bright Touch Monitors

Touch Computers

  • Elite Series Andriod 10.0
  • Andriod 7.1 Series
  • Windows 7 Windows 10 Series


Customised Touchscreens / Touch Monitors / Touch Computers

faytech are specialists in the design, development and manufacture of Touchscreen Monitors, Touchscreen PCs, Embedded Touch PCs, Kiosks and Industrial PCs.

  • German Engineering

  • Asian Manufacturing

  • Local Support

Faytech Flat Touch Monitor

  • 12.5”, 1920 x 1080 Touch Monitor
  • 450g weight
  • Thickness of less than 5mm (screen) / 9.3mm (mainboard)
  • Perfect touch monitor for people on-the-go

Touch PCs